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Aminozarb awards grant to Mr. Nasrollah Izadpanah, “Steel Alborz Industries Co” Founder

The 4th Ceremony of Aminozarb awards was held on January 13, 2020 in Tehran by Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture (T.C.C). In related events, T.T.C also held its 36th Annual Ceremony . Aminozarb Award presented to Mr. Izadpanah by Mr. Khalili, the pioneer in Iranian Industries, Mr. Khansari, The Head of T.C.C […]

Popular consumer brand

The National Festival of Popular Consumer Brands »With the participation and polls of the people as the most important decision makers and referees on the selection of top brands, they began on December 1 and continued until December 2015. In the festival, a wide-ranging popular survey was conducted on four types of face-to-face, telephone, SMS […]

The presence of Alborz Steel in a great celebration of kindness

Alborz Steel Industries once again played a role in social responsibility with the charity marketplace The ceremony was held on Thursday, 16/7/94 from 16th to 18th, along with a large number of kind and altruistic people of Gorgan city with the presence of cartoon and puppet characters of the Islamic Republic of Iran Center of […]

The 10th National Iranian Heroes Championships

The ceremony of the tenth Iranian Heroes Festival was held on December 20 in honor of the Iranian industry’s entrepreneurs to celebrate the International Symposium on Broadcasting and Television, and thanked the entrepreneurs of the statue industry and the festival table for the heroes who are having trouble with the wheel. The industry has been […]