At a glance

Steel Alborz Industries’ co. (Private Held), is an Iranian manufacturer of In-set kitchen appliances.It has been founded by Navid Izadpanah in 1992 with an annual capacity of About 200.000 pieces of kitchen sinks in Shiraz using the most advanced machineries in production line.“Alborz” brand has been developed by stablishing its second factory in Tehran to produce Hob, Hood, Oven, and Microwave, and in 1996 the other subsidiary company has been founded in Shiraz on the name of “Khorram Sanat” in order to make produce more variety of molds and make the diversification of forms and dimensions of sinks possible.In 1997 it became subsidiary company of “Seven Diamonds Co” which is the second largest producer of galvanized sheets based on international Standards in Iran

During these years the company grows up, giving special attention to the quality of the finished product, through market researches and analysis results, consolidating its leadership in the production of In-Set kitchen appliances.Nowadays, Steel Alborz Co. has increased its capacity in sinks, hobs, hoods, oven, microwave and faucet to more than 1.5 million pieces per year with over 200 different models, Distributed in domestic market and some other countries in in Middle East and Eurasia. Research and Development Dept. (R&D) constantly initiates appropriate projects in order to improve the quality and capacity of production; Quality Control Dept. (QC) is responsible to inspect products using most advanced technologies.