Aminozarb awards grant to Mr. Nasrollah Izadpanah, “Steel Alborz Industries Co” Founder

The 4th Ceremony of Aminozarb awards was held on January 13, 2020 in Tehran by Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture (T.C.C). In related events, T.T.C also held its 36th Annual Ceremony .

Aminozarb Award presented to Mr. Izadpanah by Mr. Khalili, the pioneer in Iranian Industries, Mr. Khansari, The Head of T.C.C and Mr. Soleimany,The founder of “Kaleh Dairy” in order to appreciate his presence and his effort as an entrepreneurs in long term.


Mohammad Hosein Aminozarb was one of the main entrepreneurs in 19th century in Iran and he was the first investor in privet sector. So Aminozarb Award held to celebrate entrepreneurs in his name yearly.

The ceremony has been held by T.C.C to appreciate privet sector.

 During this ceremony Aminozarb awards presented to 8 persons in economic field which has been nominated by referee committee. Mr. Nasrollah Izadpanah was one of entrepreneurs which this award granted to.

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