What is the number of pelvic sinks or the direction of the pelvis?

The sinks have a single pelvis, two pelvis and in some products have a pelvic lavage. Consumers have the right to choose left or right pelvis in each product.

مایکروویو استیل البرز
مایکرویو استیل البرز
What is the material and quality of the produced sinks?

These products are made of 304 stainless steel with imported quality and are used in two forms, matte and glossy. Glass sink models are also in the basket of sinks to increase the variety, in which imported white and black glass are used.

What is the method of cleaning and maintaining the sink?

Alborz Steel Company, in order to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the sink by the user, has studied the engineering points correctly and implemented them in the production of its products. It also offers special detergents to its esteemed customers on the sink products. This detergent, along with the cleanliness and gloss of the sink, prevents other detergents from damaging the sink.

مایکرویواستیل البرز
How to choose the right model before buying?

Alborz Steel website contains complete information that can be used to review and compare various models of this product in absentia. Also, by attending Alborz houses, you will be able to view the products closely and receive free advice, and get acquainted with the features and how the products work closely. Also, for more information, please contact Alborz Steel Centers and Sales Agencies.

What pelvic depth should we choose?

The pelvic depth of Alborz steel sinks is designed from 12.8 cm to 23.5 cm so that customers can choose the pelvic depth according to their needs. Deeper sinks during washing make it less likely to jump out of the washbasin, but keep in mind that it’s not easy for short people to work with deep sinks. Keep in mind that depending on how the cabinets are installed under the cabinet, this depth will increase up to 4 cm.

Sink products usually have the most depth in the fantasy type and the lowest depth in classic or ordinary sinks.

What is the tray catchment like?

Tray product trays have a variety of designs that are divided into two types of tray and tray in the pelvis in terms of catchment.

Circular and square water outputs, each with its own siphon, are other differences in the design of Alborz steel products.

What is the difference between a sink, a built-in sink and a cabinet?

How to install a sink is one of the most common questions asked by consumers when choosing a sink. In the following, the types of sinks are introduced in terms of installation.

Built-in sink: To install this type of sink, a part of the interior space of the cabinet is cut and the sink is installed in the middle of the cabinet through glue and fasteners. It often weighs less than its similar model. Also, in the installation of this type of sink, PU (sealing tape) is used.

Surface sink: Installing this type of sink completely covers the space between the user and the kitchen faucet and cuts the entire width of the cabinet. It often weighs more than its built-in model. Also, in the installation of this type of sink, PU (sealing tape) is not used.

Under cabinet sink:Today, in many modern architectural and interior design designs, we see the use of sub-sink sinks, which are used for under the Corinne plates or under the cabinet cabinets in general. These sinks are more elegant than built-in sinks and give your kitchen a unique beauty. If you prioritize the beauty of your kitchen and spend some time during the day looking around and drying around the sink, these sinks are for you.