The L-shaped layout maintains the main connection of the kitchen activities, the work triangle in this kitchen style becomes a vertical triangle and the connection between storing food in the refrigerator and washing in the sink and cooking in the stove or oven, communication It is quick and easy without interfering with each other’s work.
The difference between the color of the screen and the surface of the cabinets makes you feel more relaxed and prevents the visual clutter of the space. The dining table is considered as a part of the kitchen that can function and place the required cooking items inside the cabinet and use it in houses with limited size to combine the kitchen work table and the reception table. Be.


Products used in the kitchen

Installation type: Inset Bowl Depth: 18 cm Size: 120x52 cm

Product type : Tow-handle kitchen faucet Dimension: 30.4 cm Material: Stainless steel

Burners Brand: DEFENDI Hob Material: Stainless Steel Number of Burners: 5 Dimensions (W×H×D): 91 × 51 × 8.1 cm  

Hood Type: Built-in  Hood Dimensions: 80  x 36 x 28 cm Number of fan speeds: 3