Following the principles of feng shui in the kitchen will create a stylish environment full of positive energy. One of the principles is to classify and organize the items in the kitchen, which keeps the kitchen environment away from any clutter. Classic style cabinet design allows this principle to be observed due to the presence of long units and more classifications.
Another principle of feng shui is to place the accessories in the right places. Accordingly, in the above plan, the sink and the stove are not in direct contact with each other because the interaction of water and fire elements causes tension in the kitchen space. Wooden elements are also considered elements of the balance between water and fire, so in the space between these elements, wooden shelves and cabinets with a color theme close to green have been used.

Products used in the kitchen

Product Type: Solardom Dimensions :  60*40*40 cm Capacity : 25 Liter

Capacity: 60 Liter Energy Source: Electric Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD): 60 x 60 x 54 cm

Hood Type: Flat Hood Dimensions: 90  x 73.3 x  50.1 cm Number of fan speeds: 8

Installation type: Inset Bowl Depth: 18 cm Size: 120x52 cm

Product type: Simple Dimension: 28.5 cm Material: Stainless steel

Burners Brand: DEFENDI Hob Material: Stainless Steel Number of Burners: 5 Dimensions (W×H×D): 88 × 54 × … cm