Hood General Specifications

• Material : Glass / Varnished Steel
• Gas and Smell Sensitive Sensors
• Materials such as Stainless Steel or a Combination with Glass Create a Distinctive Style.
• 3 Layers Aluminum Filters with Steel and Polyamide Locks
• Standard Level of Noise
• Metal Cover of Hood Electric Motors
• Double Metal Butterfly in Hood Electric Motor
• 2 years guarantee.
• Hoods special Advantages: 
• All Hood’s Boards are Manufactured in Our Factory and it Ensures that a Variety of Number of Speed Position Could be Chosen in Different Models,(up to Speed 8)
• Filter Material: Aluminum / Carbon (Optional)
• Color: White / Black
• Maximum Extraction Rate by Extraction Operation: 900 m³/h 
• Control setting: Touch control on Metal & Glass / Remote Control

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